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Put simply, if an online suitor can send an image of a disembodied penis to someone they don’t have to face, they are much more likely to do so than, for example, exposing themselves in public with all the social and legal consequences that might bring.

Misogynistic harassment is a serious issue for online dating services.What would possess someone to send a graphic image of themselves without ever being asked for one, or even thinking to check if it might be appreciated?When it comes to the internet, it seems common sense to think that the physical distance and anonymity the online world provides allows, even encourages, people to do things they wouldn’t normally do “in real life”.It’s not yet clear how the law might apply to the sending of unsolicited dick pics or sexual images, but British police have investigated at least one case.It’s essentially cyber-flashing, the real world’s online equivalent, and should be treated as seriously.

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