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Right now, American Christianity is a wretched mess …I read Brother Yun’s book, “The Heavenly Man” and chapter 20, “The Road to Unity” spoke to me tremendously and clarified for me what is wrong with American Christianty, multiplied many many times over.

Here in America, I have read we have at least 216, some say as many as 33,000 denominations! I am troubled by their hopeful and even prophetic expectations of Trump. Although she is never overtly deceitful, the way Azura always gets what she desires in the end, and how titanic events always follow her interventions, can be portrayed as disturbing.There are also some hints that she may be a sort of 'cosmic force' primarily concerned with maintaining a sort of metaphysical balance in the universe, and her perceived "benevolence" is merely the result of her actions benefiting mortals more often than not.An American Christian sent the following email to me yesterday: WHAT TO THINK of TRUMP??by ‘Troubled’ I woke up recently to see Trump has won.

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