Concerns about dating police officers

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The video shows a close-up of Marchetti calling the office — which is not connected to the DA-elect — and asking a confused receptionist if Krasner was available.

The video, which looked as if it was made inside a police facility, was removed or made private after contacted Klein requesting comment.

This might include asking for additional photos or social media profiles, or speaking on the phone before meeting.

2) When you decide to meet someone, even for a casual connection, do so in a safe space and consider telling a friend or family member where you are going.

Klein referred questions to police Internal Affairs.

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In response to an inquiry about what the posts might suggest for the future of the two departments, a spokesman said in an email: “The relationship between the Police Department and District Attorney’s Office going forward will be the exact same as it has always been.” Elsewhere on Facebook, the #notmy DA hashtag was picked up by former bail commissioner Tim O’Brien.“He already works closely with many in the department, including Commissioner Ross and the previous two commissioners.Larry also benefited during the campaign from the endorsement of the Guardian Civic League, an organization of African American police officers.Officer Marc Marchetti, who changed his profile photo to Krasner’s on Wednesday, began a conversation in which friends used the hashtag #notmy DA and described Krasner in profane terms.As for Marchetti, he wrote, “He doesn’t give me my arrest powers so [I] don’t care.

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