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They opened up a health food shop called "rinzai's market" 8/02 USA/Sedona source: [email protected] Prem Archa Then: At Medina for the first year, in the sewing room mainly Now: Living in Brighton with Sw Sankirtan (a frequent Medina visitor) and their 14 year old daughter Megan. Opening a new center in Brighton - Osho Paradiso England/Brighton 44-1273-607374 [email protected] (now Rebecca) Now: Spiritual teacher is Isaac Shapiro 10/10 7/04 a social worker with mentally ill and learning disabled, (from Anuragini/Janet) 48 Bennett Rd, Brighton BN2 5TL 44-1273-687726 [email protected]: Shannon ([email protected]) mother: Anuragini (now Janet) Arpana David Then: ex-BBC Cameraman Now: BBC Cameraman, worked in Russia for a while and married Olga, a Russian, they have a son, Alexander. TW3 3UJ, England, 44-1; mobile: 0860 827957 [email protected](bounces 9/10) Www: https:// Dhyan Arpano Then: From washing dishes, to bar at body center, kids jouse, and all manner of odd jobs , with Nisheetha Now: Living at the Sammasati commune in the rainforest in Australia, gardening, meditating, living simply. I have a 1 year old baby girl (Rebecca) I have my own Computer Sales business working from home.

Now I have a business making miniatures for collectors with Sankirtan and my sister Ma Anand Yatri and her fella Sw. , with Maya 3/03 1 Albert Place, Mandlin Rd, Totnes Devon TQ9 5TE; 44-1803-865-679 Asanga Then: Doctor (98) Just about recovered from bad climbing accident a few years ago.

Free True Type fonts by Patrick Durr: Bird, Dill, Confused Root (1998), China Town, Fart Bubble (bubbles spilling from letters), Grubby, Irish Jig, Crazy Cock, Grudge, Smog, Yard Sale, Punker, kcirtap. ) your handwriting font and any doodlefont of your choice for 10 USD. Typefaces from 2017: Notetail Script, Brush Work, Alisa Serif (swashy), Wedding Script, Jasmine Script, Signature.

Send him a zipped scan of your handwriting by email. [ Wernau (was: Wendlingen), Germany-based Anke Arnold's free fonts: aa QWERTZ-Tasten (2012: German keyboard font), aa Halftone (2012: texture face), aa Tafelschrift (2012, school font), Car Go Frame (2011), Car-Go Plain (2011, modeled after German license plate lettering), Typo Garden (2010, alphadings), 80er Teenie Demo (2009), Acki Preschool (2009), Just Another Stamp (2009), Firlefanz (2009, curly letters), Pixelstitch (2006), Anke Hand (2003), Hole-Hearted (2003, Gill Sans with hearts), KRITZEL (scratchy pen), Milky Way, Fright Night, Eminenz (2002), Scribble, Skribus, Why, Too Lazy To Practice, XXX, Cheap Inkkilledmy Printer, Storch (alphadings), Alexandras-Stempelkasten, Anatevka-Caps, Bullet Mix, Catwalk, Duke, Dukeplus (2000, blackletter), Riddleprint, Anke-Print, Anke Calligraph, Titanic, Wasser, butterbrotpapier, distracted-musician, dyslexic, manko, quixotic, verrutscht, zladdi, barcoded, Bullet Mix2, CAR-GO-2, Fortunaschwein (nice curly script; no punctuation or numbers), Round, Big Brothers&Sisters, Boring Lesson, Crimescene Afterimage, Incognitype (old typewriter), Jenna's Popsicles, Japanese Brush (1996), Knuffig (2000), Monky Business, Olympia2000, Samba, Dandelion, Kritzel (2003, scratchy hand), Krystal (2000, snow simulation typeface based on Gill Sans), Nervous, Parry Hotter (2001, a Harry Potter blackletter face), Pffft, Tschiroki, Heart2Heart (heart alphadings), Anke Sans. For 10DM (5 USD), Anke will make your handwriting into a font!

You can send any info I'm missing, corrections etc to me, Mitra Achintya Now: Organizes the Green Events publication for the west of england.

, with Abhilasha 5/02 8 Lake View Drive, Holly Park, Plymouth, PLJ 4J2 44-1752-772974 [email protected] (bounces 9/10) Alankar Then: Ran Medina with Chandan at the end.

& (12/07 pravira), still with Neeraj England/London [email protected]: Asha Alok John Then: Visitor not a sannyasin (10/07) Contributed a chapter to Morven Fyfe's (Ma Lola from Glasgow) book about childhood abuse entitled 'Survivors' Stories' now available on uk.& (12/07 pravira) Still with Samveta, in North Wales Cefn Mensydd Isaf, Pentrefelin, Criccieth, Gwynedd, LL5 ORB, Wales daughter: Samvida Ashik (was Deva Peter) Then: Book distribution Now: Living in the Colorado mountains, musician/producer of Dancing Lightly/Gypsy Soul , still with Nanda 9/05 Pictures: 2 Boulder, CO [email protected] Ateet Then: Austrian, photographer Pictures: 2 9/10: I am living in munich, germany, have little graphic-design studio and design mainly esoteric spiritual-bookcovers and osho-books for big german publisher.As my beloved hella lives in hamburg i am more and more there and inbetween in the fast ICE-train.The original page seems to have disappeared but the fonts are available at Typ Oasis. Typefaces from 2017: Alistair (signature font), Lysandra (script), Friday Script (monoline and connected), Friday Sans. Typefaces from 2016: Dorae Script, Agile Script, Happly Script (connected), Quick Script.

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