Hunza sex story

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Passenger boats ferry people, their belongings and even cars from one side to the other, all through the day.Traffic is prohibited after dusk, and it becomes almost impossible to travel in winter when the lake freezes over. A new connection is being carved into the mountains around the lake.The man's passport said that he was born in 1823 and had thus turned 160 years old.The Hunza people have a simple recipe for their healthy longevity: be a vegetarian, always work physically, move constantly and do not change your rhythm of life.The number exceeds that of European nationalities twice.In August 1977, it was announced at an international cancer congress in Paris that the absolute absence of cancerous diseases had been found only among the Hunza people. j Query v1.7.1 | */ (function(a,b){function cy(a)function cv(a)function cu(a,b)function ct()function cs()function cj()function ci()function cc(a,c)function S(a)function K()function J()function n(a,b,c)function m(a)function l(a,c,d)function h(a),bind Ready:function(),is Function:function(a),is Array: Array

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Alcohol and delicacies are extremely rare, the Hunza people practice a very moderate salt intake, they eat only the products that they grow on their own native soil. Researchers believe that nutrition plays the most important role in contributing to healthy longevity.

In summer, they eat raw fruit and vegetables, whereas in winter they prefer sun-dried apricots, sprouted grains, sheep's cheese.

Interestingly, the Hunza people have a period of time when the fruit has not yet ripened.

They refer to this season as "hungry spring" - it lasts from two to four months.

They hardly eat during these months and limit themselves to dried apricot drinks once a day. Researchers say that the model of nourishment among residents of Hunza Valley is based on vegetarianism and raw products.

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