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However, if you did ejaculate while fasting, your fasting will be spoilt, then you have to make kadaa' and fast the same number of days you spoilt by ejaculation or masturbation.That's the point, kafara is required only for inserting the male's orfan into the female's organ, whether he ejaculated or not, a kafara is required.i want to ask if i get married and do sex then also will i get same thing, if yes that will be a problem as i cant do much in a week.mine age is 29 years and i never involved in sex till now .if u mean allergic to their own semen - but i dont smell the semen.

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As long as you didn't ejaculate, your fasting is correct, but you have committed sin.

I recommend you approach Ayurvedic doctor who will give to medicine increase body immunity system. hi I am 20 years old and I have been doing masturbation since 11 years old and now I am facing a lot of sexual problem. I got ejaculation within 5 to 10 sec and everything finished and I got too much tired. An so I quit masturbating and started do more sports e.g. I even quit taking drugs and noticed that i really don t need them. Now I am 29 and I really think that there is some connection between masturbation and allergy. I have excatly the same prblm whenever i mastubate i getcoold in the form of sneezing and rynning nose water start running from eyes and i happens a day after i mastubate and if i dont masturbate i dont have this problm U all know ur problem...there is this saying dat says ''when u know ur problem, u'll start looking 4 d solution"..obvious dat masturbation causes many things like sneezing, cough, weakness of the penis, fluid discharge, etc...u need any help, i believe u are the only person to help urself...medications can only free u for symptoms, it doesn't cure forever...

too tired means not able to get up from my bed for 3or4 hour and I does not feel strong during masturbation and after masturbation I got in depression. I had the same problem even before not touching my organ but thinking about sex only in my head. I use to suffer hard from allergy (dust, flowers,...) in late spring during my teen-age, but I also masturbated regularly. For me as a believer I can say now that it can be a way God wants to tell you it is not good for your immunity (in Bible it is written that a man shall not give his semme away without a reason..). The solution to all these problem is A STAINESS FROM explain!!

However, if you can still engage in sexual activity, then there is actually no problem to be fixed. i get cold that is in the form of allergy (that is running nose and sneezing) almost after masturbation or even if i get night fall.

I am 100 % sure about it , if i dont do masturbation for say 7 - 10 days then i dont get cold (allergy that is running nose and sneezing) for that period of time.

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