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Moreover, the practice is not discriminatory because "strictly observant Jewish women also do not touch men, so the prohibition clearly does not confer 'untouchable' status on one sex or another.This blog has moved please visit the new updated “frumsatire.net” by clicking the following link.In contrast, some people view the practice of those who follow the stringent view and do not shake hands with members of the opposite sex as offensive or discourteous. The case of a woman whose offer of a handshake was politely declined by her real estate agent is discussed by New York Times "Ethicist" Randy Cohen.Orthodox legal scholar Michael Broyde, founding Rabbi of the Young Israel of Toco Hills and Professor of Law at Emory University, has opined that in the case discussed by Cohen, the values of gender equality and of religious freedom are in conflict.I being ignorant maybe or just sheltered from frummydom had never known anyone besides my cousins in Monsey to be so crazy as I thought at the time. What about the traditional boyfriend girlfriend thing which every guy wants and needs during their horniest stages in life?I thought this to be lunacy and never gave much thought to being shomer negia or premarital sex and so on- of course it didn’t matter because my pool of sexual activity never really went above hugs during my yeshiva high school years.The laws of negiah are typically followed by Orthodox Jews, with varying levels of observance.

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Adherents of Conservative and Reform Judaism do not follow these laws.

Although Feinstein did not address the mitigating factor of preventing the other person from being embarrassed, and fell short of stating outright that returning a handshake is forbidden, it is commonly assumed that R' Moshe prohibits returning a handshake even to avoid embarrassing the other person.

The Career Development Center at Yeshiva University, a Modern Orthodox institution, informs its students that "Shaking hands is a customary part of the interview process.

Because all women above the age of 11 are presumed to fall into the category of illicit relationships due to menstruation, not only to the other illicit relationships prohibited by the biblical text.

The second derives from the notion of hirhur, a prohibition against having inappropriate sexual thoughts.

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