Over sedating in endoscopy procedures 10 best dating sites for seniors

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If you're still really scared about having a gastroscopy, just remember, I was exactly like you a few months ago!

I knew I was going to opt for just the throat spray and no sedation, as I always feel like my best chance of getting through anything is mind power.Here's to reassure you about some common fears people have: Gagging and being sick: The throat spray will do a lot to stop gagging, but even if you do gag, remind yourself that it's okay.It doesn't feel nice, but you're not going to die or have permanent damage, and there's probably nothing in your stomach for you to vomit up.I was expecting to feel uncomfortable as my throat was numbed, but it wasn't bad at all. If you feel like you can't swallow and it weirds you out, just put your hand on your throat and feel yourself swallow from the outside.The nurses then inserted the mouth piece, and the doctor told me to close my eyes. He told me to swallow, and next thing you know I felt it (very faintly) go down my throat.

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