Shakespeares dating life

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However, when you embrace their attitude of independence you will sure gain a close and loyal companion.No friends available Tuesday night to try out that new Thai place around the corner or to watch the latest Matthew Mc Conaughey movie? The independent woman is not afraid of sitting alone and having a “romantic” evening where she gets to clear their thoughts and ponder new ideas.While super frustrating, that is quite alright for the independent woman.She knows what she is capable of accomplishing and isn’t afraid to take on whatever career challenges come her way.They have weaknesses and strengths just like everybody else but they are beautifully determined and unarguably have power to better the world. Independent women have the capacity to face life’s challenges with a courageous heart.They have fears of failure like everyone else, but more than anything they are afraid of going through life without fulfilling their potential.They understand that a ‘significant other’ is a part of their lives and not their entire life. The most amazing characteristic about the independent woman is also her biggest enemy.Her independence may get in the way of asking for help.

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Independent women are not afraid to take an adventure on their own.

Whether they go down to the beach or halfway around the world, they see traveling alone as the freedom they need to make the most of their traveling experience. For this reason, independent women tend to have a lot of acquaintances but very few close friends.

Because of their I-can-do-it-on-my-own attitude, sometimes they may not be approachable.

Don’t be afraid to embrace her self-worth and appreciate her candid take on how she should be treated.

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    lmao that first pic is Kim Sohyun (who some of his stans want him to date for real forgetting that the girl is only, I swear if he did I would drop him so fast).