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Adventure films are often, but not always, set in an historical period.Feudal Warfare is the warfare of the Middle Ages and therefore the setting must take place in a time line similar to that of Middle Ages or its Asian/American counterparts, or in a fantasy world.Most of his background involves characters that have one or two lines of dialog, which isn’t enough for it to be taken seriously like it’s supposed to.He’s also incomprehensible, saying he doesn’t want to rule like a tyrant one moment, then leaves his assassin servant to take extreme measures so he can reach his goals the next moment.

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And even if this scene did work, they go back into being a weightless comedy duo until the story demands their sentiments again. But Ryner and Ferris’ relationship is harmless compared to the threads in the rest of the show.By command of King Sion, Ryner and Ferris are sent on a journey. What is the future that lies before the light shining from Ryner's "eyes"? But instead of creating a brainless fantasy flick for dumb people like myself, the show adopts a taste for complexities with writing that leaves a bad taste.~ translated and adapted from the official Japanese site by Cranston Note: The first episode was screened during a promotional event on June 26, 2010 in Tokyo. The story opens with two of the three main characters, the wizard Ryner and the knight Ferris, as they journey across the continent of Menoris in search of powerful Hero Relics to aid our third main character, the High King of Roland, Sion.Participants were chosen amongst people who registered for the anime's e-mail newsletter. interesting world / story / powers / animation overall … The lazy Ryner and steadfast Ferris aren’t anything beyond that in the first episode, with the only noticeable interplay between them being a scene where Ferris calls Ryner a pervert.Unfortunately, this scene is a running gag throughout the show that turns the Ryner and Ferris duo from simple to cringeworthy.

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