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She's been described as having a "soothing, slightly monotone" voice and (in her words) "fast recovery to horror." She also runs a few series, including A Couple Let's Plays (gaming with her boyfriend 0Dark Iron), Glasgow and co.

Plays (highlights with her friends), and Climbing Mt.

She has grown throughout these years on youtube with Sky Does Minecraft, House_Owner, That Guy Barney, and a lot more.

These two are big suckers for Nintendo and pretty indie games with good stories. My name is Gillian and I run the Youtube channel, Pixelis Gaming!

You'll find them joking over games ranging from Hamtaro to new releases. She has a pleasant and silly personality, and she's pretty good! I play mostly indie games, but I've been working on spreading out to Steam games and other genres!

She's been playing ever since she held her first gameboy at the age of 8!

Star Combo is made up of Andy and Lizzi, two latinx gamers that have been friends for eons.

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    "I would get my little headphones and sneak and listen to it at night. My dad had a leg amputated due to his struggle with diabetes. My dad was a devoted Jehovah's Witness, he sacrificed his entire life AND family for his faith, and them bastards aint no where around.#fake" Stared in Saved By The Bell, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, In the House, "Head and Shoulders" shampoo commercials, and several music videos such as Kenny Lattimore's "Never Too Busy", Dru Hill's "These Are The Times" and Boys II Men's "On Bended Knee." She is the niece of Jermaine Jackson. "[Lark} tried to explain away her abrupt, extended silences during the conversation by saying, “You caught me in moments of prayer. These days, Lark resides with her mother; drives, but only close to home; and has few friends.