Test de lusher online dating

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Maybe it's the sentimentality talking, but I honestly think the vintage is the way to go.

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We'll see how those lovely fresh green notes carry the iris and how I feel after I get to the bottom of my 5 ml. Oh, and while we're still on the cliches, here's one more.

It was created by Henri Robert, a perfume creator which created many other perfumes of the Chanel house.

The composition merges aggressive green note of galbanum and woody dusky note of iris as a harmonious bridge between delicate floral heart and leathery-woody base. It includes fragrant notes of galbanum, neroli, bergamot, jasmine, rose, lily of the valley, iris, vetiver, sandalwood, leather and musk. For years I have been sighing about how much I miss Chanel 19, which I used to love as a very young woman, decades ago, but haven't worn in many, many years.

I initially disregarded this scent when I tried it for the first time at the start of the year.

The current formulation is just much too weak and really has zero staying power.

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