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Kelsey's SPT recipe is super easy which makes this treat that much more appealing.

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And far from being a complicated food fad that involves pricey ingredients, tricky recipes and lengthy preparation times, sweet potato toast is actually incredibly easy to do - requiring nothing more than a sweet potato, and an oven or a toaster.

Although it's not clear who exactly is responsible for coming up with the idea, the most popular recipes involve slicing pieces of sweet potato that are of a similar thickness to a piece of bread, then sliding them into a toaster oven, or putting them in the oven, until they are brown or crispy.

Either take the toast with you on-the-go in the morning or spare five minutes to enjoy the fulfilling breakfast treat before heading to the office. Slice sweet potato into toast like pieces (either peeled or unpeeled) about 1/4 inch thick and add to toaster.2.

Toast the slices twice on high in the toaster (it may take 3-4 times depending on the type of toaster) to cook it all the way through resulting in a slightly browned 'toast.' Depending on the strength of the toaster, it can take up to 15 minutes to toast.3.

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