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You have come here because you found a cryptic message in the system log.

This page by no means lists all messages that might be found, since new ones come and old ones go.

According to this Adobe Help page, I need to do exactly what the error itself already tells me: rename and try again.

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This is even more relevant for security tools that are your first line of defence.You can configure PHP to use your local time-zone by setting the proper value of “date.timezone” in Edit file: C:\Wamp Developer\Config\Php\Change this – Save file (and be careful not to change the filename extension from to txt when doing so). The big list of time zones for PHP is here – For America For the rest of the World You also have the option of leaving PHP’s global default time-zone on UTC (in php.ini), and changing it per-website…Thanks, Fax I think I am posting this twice a day now, lol.Please read here: The Automatic Check for updates is not working Next time please review the posts in the forum, there is a search function that works very well too. Fax Sorry, the link I gave was supposed to contain ZAfree. Alternatively you can use the webinstaller from here: should definitively download the right one!

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