Who has will demps dating

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I’m comfortable with who i am." Think you have what it takes to become the lady in his life? “I just want a woman that is open-minded, free-spritied and laughs a lot.”When he’s not in front of the camera, Will, who has a computer science degree, is working on Tel Fan, a computer program that allows celebrities and their fans to interact.

You have seen this fine specimen before, because Will Demps has been making waves on and off the football field for years now.

“When I go out, I’m not that guy on the TV screen during the season.

People can finally see that football was what I did.

“I miss the camaraderie and the games on Sunday,” he adds.

“But I’m ready for whatever God has planned for me.

He was in Le Toya Luckett's first video as a solo artist, called Torn, after she left Destiny's Child.

Place of Birth: Charleston, South Carolina Date of Birth: November 7th, 1979 Eye Color: Brown Hair Type/Color: Curly, Black Ethnicity: African American, Puerto Rican and Korean Family info: He is a former American Football player, that was signed to the Baltimore Ravens as a free agent.

“People would always tell me I had a different look.

I’m blessed not stressed.”Always an optimist, Will’s found a bright side to not being on the field.

“I’m no longer Will Demps Who Plays Football,” he says.

Growing up many people did not know what to make of him since he was part black and part Korean. After high school and again after university no one picked him to play for their football team despite his talent. He called them Breezies: they are so fine even the wind around them stops.

He worked that to his advantage to make himself stand out. But he did not let that stop him: he went to San Diego State and got on the team anyway. But they are all utter gold-diggers, none of them wife material.

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