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On trying to remove myself from "auto renewal" (we all know about this one, and how they can hide this), there is nowhere to do this. Immediately had one photo request before I paid money and now that I've uploaded the photo and paid money there's been no response on the email I sent to the one match asking for my photo, as if it's a made up profile. COMPLETE WAST OF TIME, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, HARD EARNED MONEY!!!

You have to delete your membership, which I did...hopefully. I live in the Capital Region of New York 1 hour north of Albany. 80% of the matches were from CANADA...the rest coming in from New York City/Jew Jersey. I asked him if you don't have a customer base in my area, then you shouldn't have taken my money. LISA N I joined and actually was kicked off when I questioned their honesty.

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The thing is that I don't look for relationships, more for friends, so I need something that works for me perfectly.

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It says it's German but yeah I just checked it out and my profile's buzzing with activity which makes it seem to good to be true, they let u ask questions and when u get the answers back u can't read them till u pay of course along with everything else remotely relevant.

Still haven't paid and that's a crazy amount of $!

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